Move forward with clarity on your rebrand plan with a Big Picture Design Clarity Session with an Industry-Leading Designer behind some of the biggest names in your industry.


You’re the Star of the Show.

Transform your brand into an iconic identity that meets your design standards with me right by your side.

My name is Melissa, and I’m here to show you a new way to rebrand: YOUR WAY.

You’ll be the visionary. You’ll have an award-winning designer behind-the-scenes of your brand transformation to help make sure it’s flawless.

We’ll make sure that your big business dreams align with the new messaging and identity you’re creating. I’m not just another brand strategist armed with a template to squeeze you into.

As a creative director, I’ve created web pages and managed launches that helped my customers generate 7+ figures in total revenue.

Processes are my super power, so my method for helping you re-brand is unimaginably easy.

Get the only tools and framework you’ll need, dive into inspiring big-picture conversations, and build a brand that truly reflects your business – across every digital platform and beyond.

I know you’re up to big things, and I’m here to help you build a brand that matches your ambition.

Can you imagine stepping into the creative lead, working with a team of pros, and creating a high-end design and identity for your new brand that…

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    Elevates your products and services with the iconic design they deserve
  • null
    Speaks for itself, reflecting the quality and expertise behind your business
  • null
    Helps your ideal customers know exactly how you can help them, making it easy for them to find out more
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    Is one beautifully consistent presence that spans across social media, the internet, the media, and your real-life persona



Even if…

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    You don’t think you have the creative eye or expertise to design a consistent brand.
  • null
    You don’t have the time to make it happen (too many projects are on your plate).
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    You have absolutely no idea where to start, and the process is overwhelming.
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    You’re not sure which branding “expert” to follow, because everyone has the best method for your brand (when they don’t even know you or your business!).

I’ve created dozens of high-level web pages and brands with visionary entrepreneurs.

They’re true change-makers in the online space — they know what they want, and they make it happen.

When I partner with my clients to create their sales pages and new brands, I get to witness their sales increase, their support teams expand, and their current success stories skyrocket into record-breaking blockbusters.

And I consider it a privilege to be part of their success story. As the boss, you get to be in charge of your very next (brand) chapter.

It’s time to create a knockout brand that speaks deeply to your ideal clients and customers, skyrockets your income, and positions your business for unlimited success.


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    You’re up to big things, and you want a visual identity to match your next-level goals.
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    You want your potential customers to “get it” when they visit your site.
  • null
    When the Today Show calls you for an interview… tomorrow, you’ll be ready.
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    You’re ready to say goodbye to website shame… for good.
“Melissa is amazing to work with because she stays at the forefront of the
digital design/online marketing industry.”
Lewis Howes
Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Founder of the School of Greatness
“Melissa was so on top of things! Thank you so much for treating my project with
urgency, importance and creativity.”
Amy Porterfield
Social Media Strategist and co-author Of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies

Big Picture Design Clarity Sessions

Big Picture Design Clarity Sessions

A Big Picture Design Clarity Session is an up-close and personal experience where I’ll show you a new way to create the designs for your business: your way.

The course creators, influencers and entrepreneurs I’ve worked with have generated over 7 figures in revenue using the web pages we’ve created as marketing tools in their businesses.

I want to let you in on a little secret about creating your new brand: the first step to success is looking at the big picture of your business and determining what you want to be known for.

Your fonts, colors and photos are important, but if you don’t know how you want your identity to be portrayed, (think Starbucks versus Oscar the Grouch), it’s up to the public to make their own assumptions about you.

Let’s imagine that you’ve hired the best artist on the planet to make a stamp representing your brand.

How would you make sure it was a precise representation of you?

And more importantly, how would you make sure it represents where you’re going, connects with the people you serve, and blends in perfectly with everything you put out there?

This is where I come in. I provide the “how.”

Your launch, book covers, words, art, clothes, and website will all be one cohesive presence that represents your business.

When you uplevel your brand and create an Big Picture Brand Clarity Session with me, we’ll work 1:1 to create your stamp – and create a plan to make sure it’s deeply embedded in every piece of your online presence.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. You want to wow your audience every step of the way. Together, we’ll figure out what you want your big premiere to look like !
“Melissa was a huge help in clarifying and solidifying the vision for my dual website re-design. I had an idea of what I wanted for my two websites, but I couldn’t quite articulate it, and I didn’t want to hire a designer until I was crystal clear on the vision. Melissa cut to the chase by helping me to craft my core message for each brand and convey that message clearly in every aspect of my designs, right down to the typography. Now I am in love with my two brands!”
Mary Fernandez
Founder of the Persuasion Nation Podcast

My dream for you is simple: creating your big picture business vision and a visual brand to match your ambition is easy.

Click below to get access to your Big Picture Design Clarity Session
During your Big Picture Brand Clarity Session, you’ll get 1:1 access to an industry-leading designer (me!) in your corner leading and supporting you as you create your brand-new rebrand plan.

Here’s exactly what you get when you sign up for a Big Picture Brand Clarity Session

90 Minutes of Brand Visioning + Performance Prep for Your Rebrand Master Plan via a 1:1 Call with Me ($997 Value)

Next, you’ll choose from two of the following topics for discussion:

Option 1: The Big Picture for Your Red Carpet Premiere.

First, we’ll identify your big picture goals, look at your current revenue streams, and create the intentions + possibilities for your business.

Everything you want your brand to become won’t seem so out there; it will be right around the corner. Just like you’d want to find the perfect dress (or tuxedo) for your premiere, we want to make sure you have perfectly-paired accessories to match.

You’re up to big things, and it’s about time that you own it. Just like Beyonce as Foxy Cleopatra was a whole lotta woman – so are you!

Option 2: The Master Plan for Your Visual Identity.

Next, we’ll collect everything that aligns with your new brand direction. We’ll select words, photos, design, magazines, blogs, style, clothes, symbols, patterns, textures, and props – you name it, we’ll grab it and set it aside as we design a brand that’s completely compelling, and unmistakably you.

What do you want your brand, business, and experience to feel and look like? How can we take what you’ve created with your business and create visuals to align with where you want to go?

It’s all in my little book of style. When you finish your master plan, you’ll create a design standard that’s yours, and one that speaks to your customers.

Option 3: A Powerful Statement Helps You Get Noticed.

Together, we’ll craft your one-of-a-kind power statement that perfectly captures who you are and what you do. When your customers visit your site or hear you speak, it’s crystal clear how you can help them.

Need an update on your Unique Selling Proposition? Consider it done. When The Today Show calls you for an interview tomorrow, you’ll be more than ready.

Option 4: A Striking Identity to Match Your Ambition

Next, we’ll take all the inspiration, conversations, typefaces and fine-tuned sense of style and put all the pieces of your brand right where they belong. It’s time to create the fresh, new visual representation of your brand and business.

Deep down, you’ve probably always known where you wanted to go. You know how you want your business to look and feel. You want to make an impact. And now? You’ll experience it all from a designer’s perspective as we collaborate on a moodboard inside Adobe Illustrator.

Option 5: Build A Rock Solid Profit Plan

With your stunning new identity in place that finally represents everything you want your business and brand to be, it’s time to think even bigger. (Yes, it’s possible! And we’re doing it.)

What’s the big thing you want to do 3-5 years from now? That quiet little dream or big bold plan you want to become a full-fledged reality?

How can we fit this into your current business model? We’ll find the way. Let’s create a plan to get you there.

Option 6: Effective Website Mapping

We’ll create an outline + wirefreame for a basic 5-page website. When it comes time to create your site, you’ll have a stress-free experience all lined up — you’ll already be completely clear about which pieces of content should go where.

Yes, we’re going to have your website plan, in one beautifully inspiring package, tied up with a bow.

Option 7: Big Picture Choice

Need my help with something else? No worries! I’ve got you covered. My brain is yours for the picking for some launch strategy, profit planning, a website critique or even a sales page design critique.

We’ll dive in for 90 minutes to help bring you clarity, give you a process and make your biz-life easier. It’s your choice!

Next, you’ll purchase your session, and from there I’ll send you to an inquiry form so I can get all the nitty gritty details about your success plans + big dreams.

After that, I’ll send you a custom link to schedule your call within the next 30 days.

At the end of your call, you’ll have a crystal clear plan to move your big brand plans forward with ease.

“The fact that you could take my scribbles and turn them into a piece of art that tells the story of who I am…


Melissa took my notes and turned it into a beautiful and cohesive rendering of my vision for the header for my web site.

Her skills are off the charts! If you are looking for a graphic designer or creative director I highly recommend Melissa.”

Tangela Ekhoff
Writer, Speaker and Visibility Expert @

I created these Big Picture Brand Clarity Session with one mission in mind: Creating Your New Brand the Smoothest Project You Complete This Year.

I don’t just design. I create brands that elevate your products and services with the iconic design they deserve.

My name is Melissa, and I became an award-winning graphic designer before graduating college. As a creative director, I’ve created web pages and managed launches that helped my customers generate 7+ figures in total revenue.

I work with successful entrepreneurs, authors, personality brands, and thought leaders, like you, who are in business to make a difference in the lives of your customers. Think of me as the producer to your director; you’ve got the vision, and I’ve got the step-by-step processes to help you create your rebrand plan.

A Big Picture Brand Clarity Session is For You If…

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    You’re a rockstar in your industry. The results you help your customers get are off the charts.
  • null
    Your business has grown by leaps and bounds and your brand is stuck in 2012.
  • null
    You value amazing design and love hiring creative pros to bring your design dreams to life.
  • null
    You’ve been itching to upgrade your branding and visual identity.
  • null
    You’re ready to bring your big-picture vision to reality. (Not like a reality show. Think bigger: a real-life movie premiere.)
  • null
    You’re truly passionate about making a difference in the lives of your audience and customers through everything you’re teaching them.

As the star of your show, I know that you…

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    Need a top-of-the-line brand to match your ambition. But you have neither the time nor the creative team in place to make it happen.
  • null
    Simply have too many things that need your attention. You need the experience and expertise of a creative director who can help you move forward without it taking 500 hours.

“The original copy for my sales page was good, but we needed to shift the messaging to better align with what we were selling. When people read the page now, they get it.

Melissa knows how to guide the sales page process ahead based on what people would feel, and her process is pretty slick and awesome.”

Amber McCue
Founder of Nice Ops

A Big Picture Brand Clarity Session is not an informational product or course. It’s high-level experience where you’re given direct access to me during our 90-minute Session as we build the foundation for your next level brand and your business.

I know this experience will help you make the entire rebranding process easier than you thought possible. You’ll get exclusive access to my expertise, my heart, and my direction will be 100% focused on your dreams and big picture goals during our time together.

Because this is a one-of-a-kind experience, I’m not able to offer refunds for any Big Picture Brand Clarity Sessions. With me, you’ll never get a brand in a box. And I’ve never delivered a final design that a client wasn’t ecstatic about. Because I reserve special time for you in my calendar, it’s important that this decision be a H*LL YES for you before you decide to join.

If you have questions, I’d love to help you make the best possible decision for you! Send me a note at and my team will make sure I see it.

“When I first contacted Melissa about working together, I was panicked that I wouldn’t be able to find someone to design a sale page with the level of professionalism that I was looking for.

After I first spoke with Melissa, she immediately took charge and gave me peace of mind. Working with someone with an understanding of the industry, her attention to detail and design skills was a great asset to my business, especially since it was my first launch. Every time someone sees my sales page, they think it looks awesome. I sold 80 spots, and I now have a sales page that boosts my professionalism and gives my clients the trust factor they’re looking for.”

Sarah King
CEO at Invigorate Physical Therapy and Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

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    How much support will I be receiving?

    You’ll get a 1:1 call with for 90 minutes to help you gain clarity on two of the following areas of your business:

    • The Big Picture for Your Red Carpet Premiere.
    • The Master Plan for Your Visual Identity
    • A Powerful Statement Helps You Get Noticed
    • A Striking Identity to Match Your Ambition
    • Build A Rock Solid Profit Plan
    • Effective Website Mapping

    Before our call, you’ll select your chosen two topics and will submit pre-work via an inquiry form.

  • null

    I’ve already got a brand. Do I need a new one?

    Well, that’s entirely up to you. Is your website converting your leads into buyers? Is your offer clearly laid out? Does the design match your new profit plans?

    My Big Picture Brand Clarity Session will teach you how to create a new brand that’s in sync with your next-level profit plan. So if you have a brand you love, this might not be the right experience for you. If you like your brand but don’t love it, and you like my style, let’s do this.

  • null

    Can’t I just hire a graphic designer to create my new brand?

    You sure can. There are an abundance of talented designers out there! But before you do that, consider what your time is worth. Although there are a ton of talented designers out there, what you conceptualize might sound amazing, but then the produced designs might be better suited on a frozen treat label than used on your website.

    When you work with me, I’ll give you the foundation for the vision, and a website map so your chosen designer will know what you’re looking for.

  • null

    I’ve already taken a branding course and I already know what my brand to look like. Do I need to do this?

    That’s great! You can never know too much about anything, and this will really help the process of working with me. I’m going to teach you how to marry your big picture plans with your new amazing identity. This is an up-close and personal experience where I’ll show you a new way to create your new brand: your way.

  • null

    How much time will this take?

    You can expect to spend 20 minutes or so on the inquiry form, and then save 90 minutes of time within the next 30 days for your session with me.

Do This!

Ready to stop hiding behind the roses and create a Big Picture Brand Clarity Session?

I want you to picture how your business can touch the lives of your customers and have a positive impact on the world, even beyond what you’re up to now. I can see the big picture things for your business, help you map out a plan to accomplish them all, and make sure you know how to create your new identity like a boss.

By now, if you’re anything like the other successful entrepreneurs who’ve worked with me, you realize the unlimited potential there is, and how working with me can help you see what’s possible.

Click the big red button below to take get your Big Picture Brand Clarity Session!

“The design Melissa presented me with for my sales page was gorgeous and exactly
what I was looking for. The entire process was seamless and the level of
attention-to-detail was better than any other experience I’ve ever had.”

Carolin Soldo
Success Coach for Passion Based Women Coaches

“Melissa is not just an amazing designer, but an incredible project manager, a standout launch manager. I can see a ten fold return on the investment I made and it’s been one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done!”

Lise Kuecker
Founder, The Client Cure

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