blog-graphics_002Your potential customers want to know what kind of results they could get when they decide to work with you and/or buy your course.

If you have 25 testimonials on your sales page talking about how great you are, that’s great. But it’s not what they need to be reading.

Your hot and cold leads need to be able to relate to the possibilities you create for your clients.

Twenty-five testimonials talking about how great you are isn’t going to cut it, friend.

Don’t worry, cause I’ve got a short and sweet tutorial will show you exactly How to Craft Testimonials that Highlight the Results Your Customers Experience when they work with you.

Creating a results bank will keep you organized when it’s time to create your sales page and sell your services.

So, you may be wondering, “How the Heck do I get started, Melissa?”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. I’m here to make things easy, because that’s how I’m wired. You need a plan for getting it done.

Here are my 4 simple steps to your very own personal results bank:

1. Ask your customers to give you feedback on your services.

Send a follow up email or slack message to ask follow-up questions about your services.

If you have a course with hundreds of customers, it may be easier to do it electronically using a tool like Survey Monkey.

If you work one-on-one with people, then I recommend doing it over the phone.

2. Create your bank.

Create a Google doc or a folder on Dropbox where you keep all notes, Facebook posts, and results-oriented feedback about your work.

This way it’s easy to find, and it’s great to read when you’re having an off day.

3. Ask these questions in an email, on a phone call, or via a survey.

What’s the biggest bottleneck you faced before we worked together?

What’s been the biggest benefit that you’ve experienced while working with me?

How is your life different now than before we worked together?

Do you have any measurable results you can share with me?

And, get permission to use their testimonials in a promotional manner.

**Sidenote, please consult with an attorney before you use any testimonials. I’m not a lawyer and am not in a position to give legal advice.**

4. Write them to showcase results and possibilities.

I’m going to use my friend Rachel as an example in these testimonials I’ve created for us to use as an example.

Testimonial #1 shows how the client feels about their investment, and shares tangible results after taking 1 lesson in her course.

“Rachel Luna is a force of nature. Get her on your success team before her calendar fills up. I sold out my program after completing Lesson 1 in her course, and it’s the best money I’ve ever invested in myself.”

Testimonial #2 showcases her street cred and amazing taste in shoes, but it doesn’t tell me why I should work with her.

“Rachel Luna is the smartest affiliate marketer in the world and I love her shoes.”

Testimonial #3 covers an objection your ideal clients may have, and shares tangible results this make believe client got after using one of Rachel’s strategies.

“I was hesitant to invest at first, but I doubled my monthly revenue within 2 months of working with her because I did the work and followed her affiliate marketing strategy.”

Now it’s time to build your results bank! Now that you’ve got a process, I’d love to see your new testimonials!

Share them in the comments. 🙂

blog-graphics_001You’re getting ready to create your sales page, and you’re overwhelmed.

Not sure where to start.

You have an idea on what to write, and your logo is ready, but you don’t really know what needs to go where.

The last course you purchased had a long-form sales letter to go with it, and you’re secretly dying to have one too.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And I’m here to help. I’ve been designing sales pages for some of the most well-known influencers in the digital marketing space for the last three years, so I know a thing or two about what makes a sales page that hits home with your ideal customer.

I’m here to make things easy, because that’s how I’m wired. Creating an amazing sales page takes time, but with a clearly laid out plan, you can focus on doing things that help impact the lives of your customers.

So, you may be wondering, “How the Heck do I get started, Melissa?”

Well, you need to start with your mindset. If you think this is going to be hard, then it will be.

If you decide it’s going to be easy, then it will be. I’m not saying it won’t take time, but you can either enjoy the process, or make it hard. 🙂

Here are my 4 simple steps to your very own personal sales page success plan:

1. Create an outline for a short sales page. Here are 7 sections to include:

  1. Start out your page by exposing the end result your client achieves after they work with you. Your top section is your first chance to get their attention. You can do this with an amazing headline, a sales video, and/or benefit bullets. (Bonus tip – only include links to three things that help people make the decision to say “yes” to your offer in the navigational menu for your sales page.)
  2. Identify the problem your customer faces, and be specific. Where are they now vs where they want to be? How will they feel after they buy and implement what you teach? Tell stories about your previous clients and/or from your experience by showing you can relate to their situation and their dreams, wants and needs. Use language they would use. You can get this language by getting feedback from current and past clients.
  3. The Offer Introduction & The Offer Promise. Introduce your offer, with the logo and tagline. Get specific on who it’s for and what your big promise is.
  4. Who is your course, product or service for? Cover who it’s for. Get specific. Is it for Jen from Rhode Island, who is a Pilates instructor? Or Jason from Los Angeles who owns a cafe by the beach? Identify traits, similarities, they can relate to. (The more, the better!)
  5. Testimonials from current and previous students. Don’t include testimonials talking about how great you are. You are great, but we need to know how great your offer is, and how you’ve impacted your customers’ lives.
  6. What’s included in the investment? Share exactly what’s included in their purchase. Are there special incentives when they join within a certain timeframe? Are there other course bonuses? What’s the investment? You’ll definitely want to create a crystal clear pricing graphic, buy now buttons for each payment option, and share the total value of the program and content. Be clear about when payments are due, and include the terms of the purchase.
  7. The Guarantee & Buy Now. Do you have a guarantee with specific conditions? Be super clear! How do they purchase the program? Just like in number 15, you’ll want to include at least one buy button on your page.

2. Write the copy.

If copywriting is your jam, then you’re good to go, especially with the outline you’ve just written. Get to work.

If copywriting is not your jam, then there are plenty of great copywriters out there you can work with. Here’s a pro tip: If you find a copywriter you like, get on their calendar early.

Make sure you ask that they be available to proofread the copy after the design is complete, and again when it’s on the page.

3. Create the design.

A wireframe is a design layout you can use as a guide for the design for your sales page.

If you’re using a template, like LeadPages or ClickFunnels, then you may not need a wireframe.

If you’re working with a graphic designer or you’re going to create the design yourself, don’t worry, I’ve created a wireframe guide for you to follow. Download it here.

4. Create a development strategy.

You basically have two options: hire a developer or do it yourself using a template.

If you’re going to hire a developer, try asking for referrals from friends and biz buddies. Make sure they can meet your deadline and are above average in the communication department.

If you’re the DIY type, you can use tools like LeadPages, Optimize Press, or ClickFunnels.

Make sure the page is mobile-ready, and responsive, so you can provide the best possible user experience.

Bonus tip: The Final Checklist.

  • When it’s all done – enlist a friend or copywriter to give the copy a final check on the copy.
  • Double and triple check all of the links on the page so that you know they are working.
  • Check the design on your mobile phone, your sister’s mobile phone, your mom’s mobile phone and your tablet.

Happy Sales Page Building! Now that you’ve got a process, I’d love to know:

  1. What step are you at in the sales page creation process?
  2. What additional questions do you have about creating a sales page?

Leave a comment below and let me know!