The Conversion Design Program

For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Launch with a Proven System for Getting Results

Conversion Design School™ is a virtual program

with high-touch mentorship and 7-figure sales page design strategies that results in launch design that converts.

Imagine this…

Mapping out your launch calendar in advance and following a plan for streamlined sales (rather than just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks)

Creating a seamless experience that introduces leads to your solution and converts them into loyal buyers

Strategically drive your leads through the launch to the sale using conversion design concepts

Creating a strategy that generates buzz, delivers results, and improves with every promotion

Designing a sales page that speaks for itself with exceptional design and includes every detail your potential client needs to commit to the sale

Running a launch that crushes your revenue goals — but not your sanity

My name is Melissa Burkheimer, and after 7 years of managing launches and designing sales pages for some of the biggest names in the online industry, I’ve developed a process that makes launching and sales page design simple.

When you...

Design Your Message & Customer Journey

Design Your Offer Layout

Design your Marketing Strategy

Design Your Sales Page

…You have the foundational elements for a blockbuster launch.

This is why I created Conversion Design School™

— a design, launch-strategy + implementation program for expert entrepreneurs ready to learn how to sell their offers with captivating strategy and design.


Conversion Design School™ teaches you how to craft your message, punch up your offer, and design your sales page and launch strategy using high-value sales conversion techniques that get better and better results every time you launch!

Whether you’re new to launches or relaunching a product, Conversion Design School™ is THE training every entrepreneur should take.

When you join the online program, you’ll get 3 Conversion Strategies with 18 lessons + bonuses focused on helping you learn how to use design strategies in your launch. You’ll become a master of your own launch design and implementation because you get ALL the tools and resources you need to move through your entire launch.

Instead of paying a designer, a copywriter, a developer, a project manager, a strategist, a launch manager, a VA and more to do mysterious things that you can’t replicate…

Learn the foundational concepts behind it all so that you can create your own high-converting launch for every product, every time.

With Conversion Design School™, you’ll:

Learn how to use conversion design to sell your offer online.

Map out your promotional plan by creating a customer journey that connects and converts.

Understand your customer data so you can use conversion design to improve results with your promotions.

Check out what industry experts, celebrity clients and rockstar students have to say about working with me...

Conversion Design School™ + Melissa's launch and design strategies gave me a clear picture of what to do when I launch.

"Conversion Design School™ is a design meets how-to-launch-your-strategy + business and marketing school and it should be a prerequisite for all design students and entrepreneurs building their businesses.

No one else is teaching conversion design, yet every designer, copywriter, and entrepreneur needs to know how to visually and functionally tell a story that sells through all the stages of the sales funnel. Melissa is teaching more than design in the traditional sense; she's showing you how to design a smart launch, from the offer to the sales page.

If you're designing a sales page or getting ready to launch your service or product, enroll now. Melissa is a natural teacher, epic designer, and a brilliant launch strategist. Enroll ASAP!"

– Nicole Edwards,
Conversion Copywriter + Designer

Melissa is one of the best designers to work with in the online space.

"Working with Melissa on several long-form sales pages for different course launches has proven to me that a designer who understands copy, branding, UX, and how to keep a project moving along is critical to a successful launch and to the creation of a beautiful and high-converting sales page.

Melissa knows her stuff, she's experienced, and she's also open to doing whatever it takes to make the project successful.

She understands the goals of what we need to accomplish with a project, and she's open to the needs of a copywriter, like myself, and takes all of it to create a design that accentuates the copy, which ultimately sells a product or course. And then takes the design, and creates around the most important parts of the copy so that it clicks, converts, so people can scan it, read it, and so people want to purchase whatever you're selling.

She's the real deal, an awesome person, and is a go-getter who is not afraid to put in hard work and one of the best designers to work with in the online marketing space. ”

– Kira Hug,
Conversion Copywriter and Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club

I tripled my revenue!

"I tripled my revenue! I’m definitely not a freelancer anymore and I would never have realized that I could, or should, niche down in order to grow my business if it wasn't for Melissa. I’m now clear about the direction my business is going.”

– Shaundra Howard,
Creator of Stressless Launches

Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.

“Melissa was so on top of things! What I loved most is that she checked in with me often about our progress, which made me feel confident that the project was moving forward as planned. Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.”

– Amy Porterfield,
Creator of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

The landing page for my new emotional eating quiz is converting at >90%!

"Melissa understands what converts and what doesn't, and she's incredibly generous with her knowledge. Applying the skills I learned in Conversion Design School, the landing page for my new emotional eating quiz is converting at >90%!"

– Dr. Brooke Smith,
Emotional Eating Expert

Now, when I design landing pages, I marry the art of sales page conversion with design to help my clients optimize their online space to convert sales right from their website.

"As a designer and sales coach, I’m always talking to my client about how to improve their sales and the role their brand plays. When I met Melissa and learned about Conversion Design School™, I could see that enrolling in her program was the next step to better serving my clients.

Now, when I design landing pages, I marry the art of sales page conversion with design to help my clients optimize their online space to convert sales right from their website. Adding these skills to my experience has allowed me to raise my rate and move from execution and consulting to be a more strategic partner for my clients."

– Doris Chung,
Designer & Sales Coach at

Conversion Design School™ has what you need to build a smart launch and approach the sales page process seamlessly.

You’ll receive step-by-step training modules, a community of support from peer professionals, and an exclusive opportunity to develop your own unique launch plan with a seasoned sales page designer and launch manager (me!).

The best part?

Your results WILL continuously improve from one launch to the next because you learn how to build, execute, and use the data to determine your strategy at all times. Never throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks again. It’s messy and a waste of good sauce.

Does this sound familiar?

You have a product or service ready to launch, but you have absolutely no clue where to begin planning.

Your project manager doesn’t know what a launch is.

Maybe you’ve hired someone to build your sales page, but it didn’t convert.

Or you finally got the courage to do your first launch, but the tech crashed and no one showed up for the webinar.

Or, you’ve launched, got results, but you’re left scratching your head trying to guess which landing page converted best or which email sequence delivered the most value.

You’ve taken all the courses and nothing seems to be practical enough to actually apply in time for or during the launch.

You’ve had success with your launches in the past, but you really want to make a much bigger impact.

But what if you could go from “directionless and disillusioned” to “Superstar Success Story” selling your offers online?

I’ll teach you to use conversion design to sell your offer with ease.

Create a customer journey that connects and converts.

And understand your customer data so you can use conversion design to create killer promotions.

A better looking launch that performs?

Yes, please!

That’s Conversion Strategy #1:

Launch Design That Converts

After 7 years of designing sales pages and launches for courses, masterminds, events, and online programs, I’m showing expert entrepreneurs how to sell their offers online using Launch Design That Converts, my signature framework I share inside Conversion Design School™.

This is not a design course in the traditional sense.

Conversion Design School™ teaches you how to use my launch design framework to design a detailed and memorable customer experience with high-level strategies that actually make launches fun, easy and profitable.

You’ll learn how to design a your launch with conversions being the #1 goal.

Launches don't have to be hard.

As a sales page designer and launch design strategist working behind the wheel of 6 and 7-figure launches, I’ve seen my fair share of horror stories in the trenches. Heck, I’ve been knee-deep in them…until I caught onto the fundamental key to launches, creating touchpoints for the customer journey, and making consistent sales.

It all boils down to designing a strong plan, high-level strategies, and a belief in what you’re promoting.


Design a Sales Strategy That Serves Up Qualified Leads Searching For Your You

Conversion Design School™ gives you what you need to:






When they see what you’ve got going on… Believe me, people will talk!

And that buzz and hype create greater influence and authority for you and your brand now and well into the future.

I build sales pages, but I’m not your average designer.

From 2014 to 2016, I was the launch manager for a brand-new program that generated over 2+ million in sales

The first sales page I created in 2015 generated $750K in revenue, compared to a $100K in sales from 2 previous launches combined.

Another client sold 80 spots to her first course launch after her beta program and generated $10K in revenue.

In 2018, I created a sales page that did $500K in sales within 2 months for a brand-new membership community.

Oh, and one of my clients was recently featured on The Ellen Show... twice.

Within the last three years, by launching my own offers I’ve added a new revenue stream to the tune of close to $40K

Through my work with designing sales pages and launches, I’ve helped sell out events and fully-booked masterminds, expanded teams, converted more sales, and created more efficiency.

Melissa was able to take the essence of me…

"And put it into a beautiful format to share the message I wanted to get out there. It’s better than any sales page I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because it’s mine. It’s really perfect.”

– Kimra Luna,
Freedom Hacker, Branding Mentor and Founder of Be True, Brand You

Melissa is a design badass who keeps the train moving. I trust her.

"She helped oversee the all moving parts for our new sales for FBinfluence and helped us tweak the design to emotionally appeal to our future customers. Working with Melissa has been a lifesaver. She has saved me precious time and money. She consistently takes massive actions and get things done – and she has a great eye for design!”

– Sean Malarkey,
Online Marketing Professional + CEO of Inspired Marketing

Melissa is not just an amazing designer, an incredible project manager, a standout launch manager.

"She can single-handedly take a project with dozens of moving pieces and with little to no input from my normally Type-A self, she can provide results that are beyond my wildest dreams {and produce the 6-figure launches that I want}. I can see a ten fold return on the investment I made and it’s been one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done!”

– Lise Kuecker,
Founder, The Client Cure

Conversion Design Will Sell Your Offers Online - Even if You’ve Never Launched Before

Here’s how Conversion Design School™ works:

You'll get 3 Conversion Strategies with 18 lessons + bonuses with design examples focused on helping you learn how to use design strategies in your launch.

Access to a private FB community where we can share designs, wins, ask questions about your launch process, strategy, and all the things!

Live co-working sessions + design critiques to get live feedback from me and your peers.

Here's what you'll learn when you join Conversion Design School™:

The Blockbuster Method to help you Confidently Design Your Promotion Plan

Learn about the foundational elements of selling your offers online. From your sales strategy to your customer journey, in this module I break down the process I use for planning my launches.

Digital Design Principles You Need to Know

Learn conversion design principles that can help you build credibility and put your potential clients at ease.

Design Your Offer Layout

Review your current offer with my checklist, and get inspired to design the brand assets you need to launch your offer.

Design Your Customer Journey

Don’t just take your clients money, and then throw their name on a shelf. Create a winning customer experience with integrity and design that’s accessible to all types of students.

Design Your Message

Create a connection with your audience and earn strategies they didn’t teach in English class or design school using empathy, positioning, persuasion, copy, and more to help communicate with your potential customers.

Design Your Sales Strategy

Design your own custom online sales strategy for your offer with inspiration from strategies that I’ve used in my business and with my clients.

Design Your Launch

Design your launch with ease by stealing my process! Build your list of projects, hire your launch team, map out your calendar and set your KPI’s.

Visual Design that Converts

Learn how to use your sales page as the foundation of your launch assets.

Learn what design assets you need to generate sales of your product or service, using different methods of selling.

Conversion Design Principles You Need to Know

Get in the weeds and learn conversion design principles that apply to your design assets throughout your entire launch!

Methods for Selling Using Design

Learn what types of design assets can help you with the sales of your product or service, using different methods of selling.

Color Psychology + Font Design

Visual design aesthetics like colors and typography can be used to create an emotional response from your visitors.

First impressions + Clicks

You have 8 seconds to get your audience to swoon. Learn design strategies you can use in your sales page hero section to encourage your visitors to scroll.

Sales Page Copy

Take the offer checklist and use it as a sales page copy outline. Get real examples + inspiration you need to make sure your sales page copy is written to convert.

Sales Page Design

Steal the premium sales page design strategies I’ve used over the last 7 years to help my clients get major results!

Testimonials + Case Study Design

Learn how to write, collect, and style testimonials and case studies so they are one of your best strategies for getting clients.

Lead Gen Pages

Building landing pages to get conversions can help you build your audience! Swipe my process for writing + designing landing pages, ideas for your lead magnet, plus see real examples outside of the launch world to get you inspired.

Learn how to look at the promotion data, user behavior and tracking so you can improve conversions during your next launch.

What it Really Takes to Get the Conversion

Learn how to look at your promotional data, user behavior, and tracking so you can improve conversions and sales during your next launch.

Strategies for Increasing Conversions Mid-Launch

There’s always a way to change things up and beat your launch goals. Learn 7 strategies you can use to increase conversions in the midst of a live launch!

Cart Abandonment

Design your launch using strategies that prevent cart abandonment!

The Ultimate Library of Launch Templates + Processes

Friendly “Get on My Calendar” Follow Up Client Email Template

Client Proposal Template

Sales Page Copy Template + Wireframe

Client Master Project Sheet Template

The “Increasing Your Prices” Email Template

The “Cold Sales” Email Template

Client Feedback Follow Up Process Map

Customer Research Process Map

Launch Planning Guide in Trello

Sales Page Design Services Slides Deck (For Live Sales Calls)

My Conversion Design School™ Sales Page Design

My Beta Conversion Design School™ PDF Design

Client Project Trello Board – Scrum Style

Design Project Process Board – Trello

Plus, Get Access to Exclusive Guest Expert Trainings to Take Your Launch Design to the Next Level

A Conversion Copy Lesson with Sage Polaris

Learn how to write copy like a conversion copywriter with a VIP Lesson from Sage Polaris, copywriter to the internet famous.

Technology Solutions That Sell with Brandi Bernoskie

Take a look at all the tools out there to help you create landing pages, check out pages, email campaigns from Brandi Bernoskie, owner of Alchemy + Aim.

Marketing Metrics You Need to Know with Jamie DuBose

A VIP Lesson with Digital Marketing Genius, Jamie DuBose, to talk about basic marketing metrics you need
to know!

Hiring / Getting Hired for Launch Team with Jordan Gill

Get insider scoop on the ins and outs of running your own launches and getting hired on a launch team.

How to Project Manage + Plan Your Launch with Arielle Hale

Without project management of your launch, it can be chaotic and even prevent you from getting sales. Ari Hale will walk us through her best strategies for managing launches as a project manager, and as an entrepreneur.

Nurturing throughout the Launch Cycles with Nicole Edwards

Learn how to connect with your audience before, during and after your launch with Nicole Edwards

Strategies for Selling Physical Products Online with Shaunice Sasser

Learn conversion design tips for selling physical products online.

Becoming a Conscious Leader in Our New Normal with Vanessa Velez

Learn how to show up, take imperfect action, and strive for greatness (not perfection) as a leader in your industry.

“Okay Melissa, I’m 100% in. Sign me up NOW!”

Total value of the program: $7999 Total value of the bonuses: $6999

If you hired an entire team to do this for you, it could cost you well over $20,000. If you worked with me one-on-one to design your launch strategy, my packages start at $15,000.00.

But because I’m so passionate about helping experts get their visions out into the world and start building launches that convert…


You’ll get 3 modules with 18 lessons + bonuses, via audio, video, and transcripts with design examples focused on helping you learn how to use design strategies in your launch.

Live Co-Working / Design Critique Calls

Online Community

Bonus: The Ultimate Library of Launch Templates + Processes

Bonus: A Conversion Copy Lesson

Bonus: Technology Solutions That Sell

Bonus: Marketing Metrics You Need to Know

Bonus: Nurturing throughout the Launch Cycles

Bonus: Hiring / Getting Hired for Launch Team

Bonus: How to Project Manage + Plan Your Launch

Bonus: Strategies for Selling Physical Products Online

Bonus: Becoming a Conscious Leader in Our New Normal

Pay-In-Full Bonus: A 60-minute 1:1 Strategy Call with Melissa

12 Payments of


1 Payment of




I’ve worked on dozens of launches as a sales page designer, strategist, and launch manager. Check out some of these results my clients & students have achieved.

The biggest benefit I have experienced working with Melissa is gaining clarity. To me, that's priceless. And, in 10 days, I have had 950 visitors, an average of 23 orders and made over $500 in product sales!

"Before Conversion Design School, I struggled with pricing and understanding my niche. I own a profitable product based business, but I have always wanted to add a service based business as well. The problem was, I had no idea how to do it or what I could offer. Working with Melissa, I discovered a profitable niche, learned how to design to make conversions and left with an understanding of how my designs could impact my monthly/yearly income goals.

The biggest benefit I have experienced working with Melissa is gaining clarity. To me, that is priceless. It is one thing to have a huge idea, but when you hone in on the specific thing you can offer a client, that’s what separates a good business idea from a profitable one.

Melissa encouraged me to pursue my goals without being afraid. I recently used her template for a sales page design to set up a sales page for my newest product. In 10 days, I have had 950 visitors, an average of 23 orders and made over $500 in sales! My total sales for Month to Date are up 1,855% and my online store sessions is up 975%."

– Shaunice Sasser,
Co-founder, Brown Girl Stationery

Before working with Melissa, I had no idea how to build my brand online.

"Within 30 days of working with her privately and joining Conversion Design School™, I have a working opt-in, landing page, a list of 200+ people, my Facebook ads are converting, and I'm creating an offer I plan to launch next month.

I'm so grateful for her showing me the way, and everything is getting clearer and clearer. I would not be this far without her guidance."

– Dr. Radka Toms,
Founder of My Sugar Stop

Before talking to Melissa, I had no plan, no structure, I really felt like I was walking around in circles.

"Just an hour with Melissa gave me SO much clarity, which then gave me the enthusiasm to proceed with my launch. Thank you so much Melissa for making things so clear, manageable and doable. I am truly grateful.”

– Melanie Moore,
Founder of Tapping Into Abundance

The original copy for my sales page was good, but we needed to shift the messaging to better align with what we were selling.

“When people read the page now, they get it. Melissa knows how to guide the sales page process ahead based on what people would feel, and her process is pretty slick and awesome.”

– Amber McCue,
Founder of Nice Ops

We did $300,000 on the initial launch and are on track to do $500,000 two months later using the sales page Melissa designed.

“I wanted to make sure that the sales page represented the quality of program that I was looking to launch, in that this was going to be a core offer for my entire business. Working with Melissa and her team was absolutely amazing.

She was professional, easy to work with, hit all our deadlines ahead of time (we were on an extremely tight schedule), and you was extremely personable. I really felt like she cared about what I was doing and making sure that the experience was a great one on my end. We did $300,000 on the initial launch and are on track to do $500,000 two months later using the sales page Melissa designed."

– Bob Heilig,
Founder of Legacy Leadership Academy™

Everything You Need To Make Your Decision

What’s the call schedule?

Live co-working/design critique calls are scheduled every quarter. You’ll get the official schedule when you join.

When do I get access to the program & when does it start?

You'll get access to the program as soon as you join. There’s no race to finish — you’re on your own journey.

Will you show us how to be a better designer?

YES! I’ll show you how to use conversion design strategies that can be applied to your emails, landing pages, sales page, website and more. We also do design critiques on each co-working session. Those, in my opinion, always make you a better designer!

How do the live co-working / design critique calls work?

From mapping out the plan to designing the sales page, the live Co-Working Sessions + Design Critiques are for getting honest feedback on the elements of your launch. These are perfect for you if you need a sounding board from a seasoned sales page designer and peer expert entrepreneurs. They’re comprehensive and give you a clear path forward.

Can I just find all this info online?

Maybe some of it. But I’ve got real experience in the trenches of launches as a sales page designer + launch manager that have generated 8 figures in total combined revenue. I’ve carefully designed this program to help you get the best possible results with your launch. And you’re not going to find that on YouTube or in a free download.

What’s the investment?

The investment is either 12 payments of $149 or 1 payment of $1499.

What if I don’t have time?

The art of this program is that it’s designed to help you learn how to use design throughout your launch plan. I give you a specific framework that you can use to sell anything online, when the time is right for you. This is not a race. You can make time to go through the program to get familiar with the concepts and launch later, or jump right in.

I’m not a designer. How will this help me?

Conversion Design is a skill that can help course creators, copywriters, launch managers, sales coaches, marketing pros, web developers, and more! The focus is on copy, messaging, the customer experience, marketing, and launching to create a seamless customer journey.

What if I just want to work one-on-one with you and hire you to design my sales page?

I’d love to work 1:1 with you, friend! Send me a message at and I can send you info about my 1:1 conversion design + strategy packages.

I have more questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

YES! Me! Send an email to me at and you can schedule a time to speak with me. I won’t try to sell you anything that isn’t a good fit for you. I’ll help you make the best decision for you.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or if I don’t like Conversion Design School™?

No. There are absolutely no refunds for this program. This is to protect my intellectual property, and protect the investment of our students.

If you’re not at 100% ‘YES’ or making an investment will cause you any financial strain, please don’t buy this program.

If you’re on the fence, I’d love to help you make the best possible decision for you! Send me a note at and my team will make sure I see it.

Are you ready to launch like a pro and create more sales?

I’m in the business of helping my clients create premium sales pages that produce record-breaking launches.
I’d love to show you what I know to help you build your influence, expand your vision, and grow your business using conversion design.
Melissa & My Conversion Design Team
PS – I’m grateful you’re here. Still have questions? Email me at I’ll help you make the best decision for you and your business!

PPS – My company is committed to giving back. I dedicate both my time and money to local and global organizations. Want to know the specifics or ideas on how you can also give back? Email me at