Are you ready to…

stress less,
Land high-end clients,

Of course you are. Join my designer-only mastermind &
we’ll celebrate your year of exceptional growth.

Chelsea Bell EADY went from earning $100 to closing $16K in sales in just 90 days.

“When I first met Melissa, I was feeling uncertain about my opportunities in design, in spite of having 14 years of experience and having just completed a four-year degree.

Melissa's program helped me identify and connect with prospects, define my offering, and develop my business processes. In just six months, I accelerated my career from a freelancer to the principle in my boutique design agency and grew my revenues from “barely there” to regularly exceeding my monthly targets. I’m more confident than ever, and I’m excited for what’s next!”
Chelsea Bell Eady, Narrative Designer

Can you imagine creating a high-end design projects for your clients that....

  • Cannot wait to work with you because they know your quality of work is top-notch
  • Are more than happy to pay your design rates
  • Raves to their peers in the industry about the results your designs produce for them
  • Reply to your inquiries in a timely, and friendly manner
  • Know and understand the power behind good design and what it can do for their company

High-End Design Clients + Lots of Profit. It’s possible. Even if…

  • You don’t think you have the business know-how or the expertise to go to the next level
  • You don’t have the time to make it happen (too many projects are on your plate)
  • You have absolutely no idea where to start, and the process is overwhelming
  • You’re not sure which business “expert” to follow, because everyone has the best method for you (when they don’t even know you or your business!).
“The mastermind has been amazing! I’m definitely not a freelancer anymore and I would never have realized that I could, or should, niche down in order to grow my business. I’m now clear about the direction my business is going.”

The simple mindset shift I made to help me double my revenue.

Just 6 years ago, I packed up my suitcase and headed on my first solo trip to California for a mastermind.

Masterminding was the trendy new thing everyone was talking about in the online space, and I had finished Marie Forleo’s B-School program a few months earlier.

I was READY for all the branding clients I thought I’d get once I joined. I was still serving local clients and barely scraping by. I thought clients would just magically appear in my lap. (It never happened!)

I learned at the mastermind that I needed to see myself as MORE than just a freelance designer from Des Moines, Iowa.

Six months later I worked on my first sales page for a really popular course, and six months after that I had my first 5K month! Going to the mastermind helped me see what’s possible for my business. And better yet, once I found my new “rich niche” and shifted my mindset, I doubled my monthly revenue.

I encourage you to DECIDE to truly see yourself as the high-level designer who's doing the work you want to be doing. Even if you never join one of my programs!

The REAL benefit in joining a group of like-minded business owners who want to uplevel their design business just like you do, is the community of people who are on the same path as you.

It’s kind of like how going to the gym is better with a friend. You’re more likely to succeed with others going through it with you.

Give me 12 months & we’ll transform your design business into a record-breaking blockbuster.

I’ve worked on dozens of high-level sales pages for personality brands and entrepreneurs.

They’re true change-makers in the online space — they know what they want, and they make it happen.

When I partner with my design clients to create their web pages and new brands, I get to witness their sales increase, their support teams expand, and their current success stories skyrocket into record-breaking blockbusters.

My design clients actually value high-level design work because they know it will get them a return on their investment.

“The design Melissa presented me with for my sales page was gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for. The entire process was seamless and the level of attention-to-detail was better than any other experience I’ve ever had.”

– Carolin Soldo,
Success Coach for Passion Based Women Coaches

“When you’re in GROWTH MODE, and up to BIG THINGS, you can’t afford to be doing it all alone. Melissa can think and play at that big picture level, and then distill it down to the very detail and attention needed to communicate with my team…so I don’t have to.”

– James Wedmore, Founder of Business By Design

“Melissa was so on top of things! What I loved most is that she checked in with me often about our progress, which made me feel confident that the project was moving forward as planned.

Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.”

– Amy Porterfield,
Creator of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Serving high-end clients taught me how to operate as an expert in the design field. Two years ago, I started mentoring designers to help them see their full potential. I’d love for you to be next.

Sarah Jane Buckle went from 0 clients and no income to 3 clients and $6000 USD in her bank. WITHIN 2 WEEKS.

“On day 1 I had a list of goals and plan of attack. On day 2 I started doing Melissa's mindset work.

Within 14 days I went from 0 clients and no income to 3 clients and $6000 USD in my bank account. As a practical person, the thought of 'mindset work' didn't really appeal to me, but I followed the process and the results speak for themselves.

If you're committed to taking big action to get results in your own business, fast, working with Melissa is a no-brainer.”

I want to help you re-program your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

I want to teach you to unlearn everything you’ve learned about running a business and SEE what you’re really capable of.

Is it finally time to learn the strategies that have transformed dozens of design businesses just like yours?

When you join my mastermind, you’ll join a community of like-minded designers on the same path as you.


The Mastermind is designed to help you make more revenue, impact more people and match your next-level of growth.

“I was looking for someone to coach me… and Melissa showed up at the right time. Before, I felt like ‘just another designer’ saying the same catchy phrases on my website and in conversations. I felt like something was missing. Now, I am clearer about how I can leverage my unique strengths to differentiate my business and the services I offer.

Melissa knew exactly what questions to ask and how to put me together. I have an entirely new set of offers that compliment my new niche, and I can’t wait to promote them. For the first time, I have a unique value statement that’s actually unique.”
KACY JACKSON, Founder of Joie Digital

Let me tell you the three biggest mistakes I see freelance designers make:

Not charging enough for the work they do.

Most designers don’t value their work or even know how to price projects, so they under charge and way over deliver. Even worse, they keep these working relationships because they don’t think they can do any better. And, they keep these clients who nickel and dime them for Every. Little. Thing. (sigh!)

This is a cycle that needs to stop now, friend. You can charge top dollar, but you have to create valuable offers with design projects that deliver results.

Creating pretty designs that don’t serve a purpose.

Being a good designer requires more than being able to work your way around Adobe InDesign. It requires the technical skills, taking ownership in your ability to design brands and designs that get results for your clients. It also requires LISTENING to your clients and providing designs that match your clients ambition. Not just doing something because you’re the designer.

True Story: My friend is like the Olivia Pope of systems. And a branding agency gave her a logo that looks like SpongeBob Squarepants’ house. She was devastated. (Don’t worry, I saved the day and re-instilled hope in her that designers rock!)

They get stuck & stay stuck without asking for help.

Even when they start to see success, they self-sabotage and feel like they have to be attached to their laptop or all the greatness will go away.

Here’s the truth: You can leave your laptop closed on weekends and no one will have a meltdown. And if they do, you’re working with the wrong clients.

Here’s another truth: Everyone struggles and has doubts. It’s what you do next that will set you up for more success.

we’re going to focus on your design business, your artist life, and your mogul dreams!

Your Design Business

Stress Less +
Automate Your Design Business

Create the Dream Foundation
for Your Design Business so
you never worry about what to charge, or getting + keeping
clients again.

Artist Life

Build a Life + Biz
That Doesn’t
Burn You Out

Create Space for your Dream
Life + Business. Learn How to manage your energy, finish your to-do’s and not have to work 24/7 to grow your business!

Your Mogul Dreams

Together, We’ll
Accelerate Your
Mogul Status

Implement your plan and go
to the next level! Wanna add
another revenue stream to your business? Create a mastermind? Run a live event! You’ve got this!

One thing I’ll teach you during the mastermind is to create success habits.

We’ll meet each month for Monthly Co-Working Sessions so you actually get time to connect with your designer friends AND create your dream design business!

And we’ll have twelve monthly calls focused on helping you create your dream design business, hot seats, live coaching and design critiques to support each other.

Here's what we'll cover during those 12 calls:

Stress Less + Automate
Your Design Business

Create the Dream Foundation for Your Design
Business so you never worry about getting +
keeping clients again.

  1. How to create design experiences that deliver results for your clients.
    You’ll learn to price your design projects and set up payment plans that help create more recurring revenue for you. When you want to explore adding a new offer or program for a new type of client to your suite of products – you’ll know exactly what to do, step-by-step. By knowing what your ideal clients are struggling with – you’ll be ahead of the game by creating services that solve their problems.
  2. Learn how to confidently price your products and services.
    How to price and position your design services so you always get a yes from your potential clients. Every design or consulting service is not built for every client. When you price your products and services with a high-perceived value – you’ll be able to add more profit to your bottom line. Need to outsource a project? We’ll cover that too so you never, ever take a loss on a project again.
  3. Sales conversations that get yes’s from the right clients.
    Right Clients is the secret here. Once your offer has launched in beta mode, you can take the steps to take it to the next level. First, we’ll create an inquiry process that only attracts your ideal clients and impresses them from the first step. Then, we’ll talk about creating your own custom sales conversation process that features the benefits and results of your offer. Plus, I’ll show you how to present it with confidence so it’s easier to get the “YES.”
  4. How to create and nurture long-term client relationships
    Getting the “yes” to a client for the first time – it’s exhilarating! What if you could turn one yes into multiple “yes’s? I’ll show you why providing a high level of service with results will help set you apart from other designers and help you build long-term client relationships with the clients you want to work with.

Build a Life +
Business That Fulfills
Your Inner Artist and
Doesn’t Burn You Out

You’re a unique individual with a lot to offer the
world – even outside of your design talents.
That doesn’t mean you should be doing
everything just because you can.

Each month we’ll cover topics to help you get to know yourself more and create success habits that drive fulfill your inner artist without burning you out.

Accelerate Your
Mogul Status

Wanna create a course, or add another revenue
stream to your business? Let’s do it!

To make sure that you are 1000% set up for success, you’ll get two 30-minute solo calls with me to help create a unique mastermind experience for you, set goals for your business, and create a strategy to make back your investment in 60 days. Here are some of the topics we may cover, depending on group interest:

  • Outsourcing
  • Launch 101
  • FB Ads
  • List Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Creating an Online Shop
  • Consulting 101
  • Managing your Biz Money
  • Money Mindset


Amazing Bonuses Created by a Designer for Designers! You won’t find these anywhere else!

Not sure what to say or how to manage your client projects? I’ve got you. Here are a few of the goodies inside of the Template Library:

  • The “Cold Sales” Email Template
  • Friendly “Get on My Calendar” Follow Up Client Email Template
  • Client Proposal Template
  • Client Feedback Follow Up Process Map
  • The “Increasing Your Prices” Email Template


This is the biggest bonus I’ve ever offered…

My new signature design course that
comes out Fall 2019.

Improve your design skills with complimentary Access to Conversion Design School, my $2000 signature course showing designers how to create websites that convert!

Here’s what I know for sure:

The opportunity for designers to work with clients around the world is growing, and the work that we do is so, so important.

I mean, the world would be kind of ugly without designers, right?

Designers in my mentorship programs experience quantum shifts.

That’s because I don’t just onboard you and set you free. I’m all up in your business, and you get access to my brain, my heart, my expertise, and my cheerleader/coach/mom voice whenever you need it.

Take a look at the priceless mindset shifts +
results the my design mentees have experienced.

Michelle hit her first $5K month! Yeah Yeah!

"Last month I made over $5,000, which is almost as much as I made in the last 6 months. I have many (I can't count them all) potential clients and right now I'm juggling 4 active clients! Plus I had my first client sign up for a year's worth of a maintenance plan."
Michelle Balge - Worth It Designs

Go After Business Leads Like a Boss!

“Melissa’s course helped me feel more confident to go after business leads more often and not feel emotionally crushed if some of those leads don’t work out.

Separating your personal feelings from your business can be difficult for any entrepreneur or consultant - so I think this skill that Melissa tackles in her course is definitely worth highlighting.”
Eddy Edgar, Citizen A Design

7 New Clients in 60 Days? Yes, Please!

“The biggest change in me as a designer is that I operate with more confidence. My state of mind is better and I was able to close 7 new clients in 60 days.”
Stacie Hanson, Creative Designer + Writer

My Commitment to You

From Designer to Director is not an informational product or course. It’s high-level experience where you get access to me during our monthly calls and check-ins and in our community forum as we build the foundation for your new design empire. I know this experience will help you make the entire process easier than you thought possible. You’ll get exclusive access to my expertise, my heart, and my direction will be 100% focused on your dreams and big picture goals during our time together.

I know this experience will help you make the entire process easier than you thought possible. You’ll get exclusive access to my expertise, my heart, and my direction will be 100% focused on your dreams and big picture goals during our time together.

Because this is a one-of-a-kind experience, I’m not able to offer refunds for this mastermind. With me, you’ll never get a business in a box guide. And I’ve never delivered a final design that a client wasn’t ecstatic about. Because I reserve special time for you in my calendar, it’s important that this decision be a H*LL YES for you before you decide to join.

That’s why there’s an application process. I’ll never invite anyone to join the mastermind who isn’t ready.

If you have questions, I’d love to help you make the best possible decision for you! Send me a note at and my team will make sure I see it.

Are you ready to get the first spot
in my mastermind – like NOW?
Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a designer with an established business making at least $40K in your business annually
  • You’ve plateau’d in business OR hit high peaks but can’t maintain them
  • You’re looking for a mentor to provide high-touch strategy and support that’s tailored to your business
  • You’re ready to join a mastermind community of like-minded designers who are doing things on their terms
  • You want to start operating like a Designer CEO, not just a Freelancer
  • You’re up to big things, and you’ll do what it takes to hit your next level goals

Yes, yes? YAASS! Keep reading, friend!

Get ready to experience magic, money and cash injections in your design business, like these designers:

Natalie shows up in the room, does the work and gets results!

“If you want to succeed in business, you need to be held accountable for the progress made towards your goals.

This is what you need in a mentor, and this is what you’ll get with Melissa. Not only is she your biggest cheerleader, she also provides you with real, actionable steps to help you make what you want possible. You’re gonna work for it, but it will be so worth it.”
Natalie Thomas, Designer for Startups

Emily doubled her rates, started working less, and became a magnet for her ideal clients.

“I was struggling financially despite being busy. My rates were too low, and I wasn’t working with who I wanted to, and I couldn’t look for more business, because I didn’t have the time. Now, my rates are doubled, I’m working less, and I found a niche to serve, and with that little changes I’ve made, I’m becoming a magnet for my ideal client. It’s amazing how great it’s working!”
Emily MacKenzie, Urban Gem Creative

From no Business, to Business is Booming

“After working with Melissa, I went from nothing to having a business. I have a website, social media, business name, a rich niche, and new clients. I’m making time for my business and finding ways to better balance work and life.”
Jillian Harris, Course Branding Expert

“Okay Melissa, I’m 100% in.
Sign me up NOW!”
Here’s a recap at what
you get when you join:

Two 30-minute solo calls with me to help create a unique mastermind experience for you, set goals for your business, and make your investment back within 60 days. (Valued at $797)

My feedback + my eyes on your business systems, your client projects, your new website. (Priceless!)

A group intention-setting call in June 2019 to create the space for growth and cash. (Valued at $497)

Twelve monthly calls focused on helping you create your dream design business, hot seats, live coaching and design critiques to support each other. (Valued at $4997)

Monthly Co-Working Sessions so you actually get time to connect with your designer friends AND create your dream design business! (Valued at $4997)

My Dream Business Foundation Blueprint to help you Stress Less + Automate Your Business. (Valued at $897)

Answers to all your biz questions, cheering from your new designer besties, and a safe place to share. It. all. Inside of our private FB group. (Valued at $9997)

Bonus #1: Access to my Ultimate Library of Designer Business Templates and Processes. Get email scripts, a proposal template and more! (Valued at $597)

Bonus #2: (The Mother of All Bonuses!) Improve your design skills with complimentary Access to Conversion Design School, my new $2000 signature course. (Valued at $1997)


IN JUNE 2019. 

12 Payments of


1 Payment of


Before you tell me you "don't have the time"
to focus on your business...

Look, I get it. I'm busy too.

I have two kids, a dog, a husband, and great friends who want hang out every weekend – and sometimes I just want to stay home and work.

Did I also mention my kids are in sports?

But I’m in business because I want three things: money, time freedom, and to do design projects that create a real impact in the world.

In life, we make time for the things that are important to us.

If you want to grow your business without working 24/7, you have to make it a priority. Period.

This mastermind is designed to help you master your life, your design business, and fulfill the artist and mogul in you.

I want you to picture what you really want from your business.

I can see the big picture things for your business and help you make them happen.

So if you need someone to keep it real, but someone to give a virtual Hug, I’m the mentor you’ve been looking for.

All the answers you’ve been waiting for...

  • I already have a coach. Is this a good fit for me?
    A coach is a great investment. This mastermind comes with community support and a my mentorship. So if you’re looking for a mastermind and want to be surrounded with other creatives just like you, you’ll love this one.
  • When does the application period end?
    The application to book a call with me is on Wednesday, June 12 at 5 pm CST or until the mastermind is full. If you’re on the fence, don’t wait.
  • What happens after I book a call with you?You and I will hop on Zoom and talk about the possibility of you joining the mastermind. After the call, if it’s a good fit, I’ll send you an invite to join. Only those who book a call by the deadline are eligible for an invitation to join.
  • When does the mastermind start & what’s the schedule?
    The mastermind starts on July 1, 2019 and we’ll do a bonus intention setting call in late June 2019. We’ll schedule the coaching calls each month, based on the group’s collective availability. All calls will be recorded if you can’t make it.
  • When will you offer the mastermind again?
    I’m excited that you want to join us! This promo period is the only time to join the mastermind in 2019. I’m not sure if I’ll launch a mastermind again, so if you want in on this experience, don’t wait!
  • Will you show us how to be a better designer?
    YES! In this mastermind, I’ll show you how to streamline your design processes and we also do design critiques on each call. Those, in my opinion, always make you a better designer! AND – You the mother of all bonuses – Conversion Design School, which will definitely show you how to design like a boss!
  • How do the live calls work?
    We’ll start out with 20 minutes of me teaching the content, and next we do hot seats, answer questions, and design critiques. I answer all of the questions, and give individual feedback to everyone! No question will go unanswered! Plus, you get access to me in our FB group – so you will have my full support!!!
  • What if I just want to work one-on-one with you?
    I’d love to work 1:1 with you, friend! Send me a message at and I can send you info about my 1:1 coaching packages.
  • I have more questions. Is there someone I can talk to?
    YES! Me! Send an email to me at and you can schedule a time to speak with me! I won’t try to sell you anything that isn’t a good fit for you. I’ll help you make the best decision for you!

My wish for you is that you finally stop wishing and start creating the design business & life you want.

If you decide to invest in this mastermind, you get access to my brain, my heart, my expertise, whenever you need it.

And you get to create relationships that will help you go far. I understand this is a big decision and a big investment. There’s no way for you to fail unless you don’t do the work.

I’m here to help you go to the next level, friend!

Even if you’re a tiny bit interested, together we can figure out the right next step for you.

I’m here for you. I believe in you. And I believe in miracles, especially for you.


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