Transform your successful launches into record-breaking blockbusters with a premium sales page design.

Your Launch Should Feel Like a
Red Carpet Premiere.

Can You Imagine...

  • Transforming your already successful launches into record-breaking blockbusters
  • Running a launch that crushes your revenue goals — but not your sanity
  • Customers sharing your sales page organically, because it speaks to them so clearly
  • A sales page that speaks for itself, reflecting the quality and expertise behind your brand
  • A second set of expert eyes, ensuring that your offer is clear, your message is compelling, and your processes are secure pre-launch
  • Handing over the reins and knowing, without a doubt, that the resulting sales page for your launch will be flawless every time we create one together
  • Feeling confident enough in your team that you take the rest of the day off to go surfing, have brunch with your girlfriends, or take the kids to the pool

Imagine a sales page experience that matches your next- level launch goals. I’m here to make it possible.

This isn’t your first stroll down the red carpet of a successful launch, so you understand the time, effort, oversight, and investment that go into a compelling sales page.

My sales pages are extraordinary every time because I focus on results. When you work with me, your dream sales page comes to life, with less stress for you than you ever dreamed possible.

I serve high-performing thought-leaders who understand the power behind the right sales page design.

There’s no need to fret over creating the perfect sales page as part of your next successful launch. Crafting your sales page can feel effortless, and it’s my job (and my pleasure) to make that happen.

I work with influencers who are in business to make a difference in the lives of their customers. I give them the freedom to focus on their zone of genius by producing results that garner an exponential return on investment and release them from tasks outside their sphere.

Together, we create sales pages and launches that market their digital products and courses without the blood, sweat, and tears normally associated with launching.

With me as your personal website designer, creative director and project manager, we’ll take your digital design dreams and transform them into a masterpiece — without the need for your constant work or input.

The design and development of a long-form sales page can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of your launch, so outsourcing it to my design studio will ultimately save you loads of time!

As the star of your show, I know that you...

  • Need a top-of-the-line sales page for your next launch. But you have neither the time nor the creative team in place to make it happen.
  • Are the bottleneck in your business sometimes. You need a project partner you can trust to keep your creative projects on track.
  • Simply have too many things that need your attention. You need the experience and expertise of a creative director who can make things happen without your constant input.
  • Want the freedom to live your life on your terms. Whether that means taking half a day to go surfing a week before your launch or deciding on an impromptu international trip, you need a team that gives you the confidence to do it.

When you're in the market for a
sales page upgrade, you really want
an upgrade.

Check out some of the premium designs my team and I create.

"Melissa is the most amazing sales page designer I know. She provides a stellar customer experience and exceeded expectation I had. She’s worked with your favorite million dollar entrepreneurs and she took the sales experience of STS to a whole new level!"

- Jereshia Hawk,
Creator of Services that Sell

I build sales pages, but I’m nothing like your average designer.

Since 2014, I’ve worked on and managed multiple launches that have generated multiple seven figures in total revenue. The first sales page I created in 2015 generated $780,000+ in revenue. The first two sales pages I created in 2016 generated a combined $600,000+ in revenue.

In order for that kind of achievement to take place, many things need to come together at once: the right influencer, the right product, the right message, the right offer, the right team, and a designer who understands the specific trends, psychologies, and elements that turn an average sales page into an outstanding one.

I don’t just design. I create sales pages that elevate your products and services with the iconic design they deserve.

Every sales page I create is exceptional. And the proof lies with the influential marketers I’ve had the privilege to work with.

My design style is simple. Everything is clearly laid out, not too busy, and matches the place your business is headed six months and even two years from now — not yesterday.

I bring the vision you want to life. It’s not about following the rules (rules were made to be broken after all), it’s about creating the design standard for your page and delivering it in a way that wows you.

“The design Melissa presented me with for my sales page was gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for.

The entire process was seamless and the level of attention-to-detail was better than any other experience I've ever had.”

– Carolin Soldo,
Success Coach for Passion Based Women Coaches

I’ve had the honor to work on projects from the ground up for thought leaders including Amy Porterfield, Bob Heilig, Lisa Kuecker, Amber McCue, and Kimra Luna, just to name a few.

— I’d love for you to be next. —

Processes are my super power — and that’s a time-saver for you.

  • When we work together, all of the details are properly documented and clearly understood by both parties before the project starts. (Who doesn’t love clarity?) This includes legal documents, pre-payment, proposal, project schedule, all of the information I need like FTP access, photos, etc.
  • I’m the person you work with. Not my assistant. Or my partner. I’m here every step of the way, clearly sharing everything that’s going on so you know exactly what’s happening with the project and when.
  • I’m an ESTJ, which means managing projects comes so easy to me I didn’t realize it was actually a talent. I guess not everyone dreams about planning projects!
  • The project schedule is clearly laid out with you and your team, so you know what to expect, and when you need to share feedback with me.
  • The end result is an epic sales page that generates the sales you desire and meets both your and my high standards for your page.

“Melissa was so on top of things! What I loved most is that she checked in with me often about our progress, which made me feel confident that the project was moving forward as planned.

Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.”

– Amy Porterfield,
Online Marketing Strategist and host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Here Are My 7 Simple Steps
to Your Dream Sales Page:

  • First, I meet with you, the star of the show, and your crew to craft the perfect sales page outline for your project. Here we cover course deliverables, launch schedule, design identity, team roles, project schedule and most importantly, the pain points of your ideal customer and the problem you’re helping them solve.
  • From here, we create/review the copy for your sales page using your brand voice and connecting with your individual audience. If necessary, we bring on a copywriter on board, and we’ll make sure your copy is top notch before we ever get started on the design.
  • Next, we create the design for the first two sections of your sales page, so no one goes down the rabbit hole in the wrong direction. We connect to make sure that it exceeds your expectations — our goal is to wow you at first glance.
  • With delighted approval in hand we move forward, putting each section together with love and attention to detail. We create something super simple and classy that's easy to read and follow by incorporating your essence into all of it. We check in at the halfway point to ensure everything is continuing smoothly. When the final design is complete, we’ll do a final production call (with a champagne toast) to review for any changes necessary, then get the final stamp of approval.
  • Next we start the web development phase, where the design is coded and crafted to appear exactly like the mock up — only out on the world wide web.
  • After the desktop version is developed, we make the design responsive so it shows up on any mobile device your customer audience uses. iPad, Android, iPhone — we don’t discriminate against any mobile users.
  • Finally, we test, test, and test again, to ensure every section is readable, navigates perfectly, and works perfectly so there is zero barrier between your technology and your customer who is ready to buy.

“Melissa is not just an amazing designer, an incredible project manager, but she’s also a standout launch manager.

She can single-handedly take a project with dozens of moving pieces and with little to no input from my normally Type-A self, she can provide results that are beyond my wildest dreams (and produce the 6-figure launches that I want). I can see a ten fold return on the investment I made and it’s been one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done!”

– Lise Kuecker,
Founder, The Client Cure

Your offering is crystal clear. Your customers know exactly what they get.

They are ready to invest in the solution you offer.

Then they get amazing results. You actually care about them, their story, their successes and the impact your product has on their lives.

This isn’t your first product, nor your first launch. Your business is forever growing, you’re impacting more people every day, and you have a clear vision for the future.

You’re already positioned as a thought leader. You already have masterful branding.

Now it’s time for you to multiply that vision through clear design and compelling copy that make receiving a “Yes!” from your next customers an inevitability.

I create that inevitability.

There is no room for failure in the construction and advancement of your empire. And I have never delivered a sales page to a customer that was met with less than full enthusiasm and excitement.

The operation of a great sales page requires the management of many moving parts. You need a developer. A copywriter. A designer. A project manager. And the time to get it all done — but you don’t have any of that.

They will view your offer via all devices, screens, and connections; it must and will look perfect every time.

I bring a team of highly qualified, vetted professionals to every project and then oversee them, providing you a single point of contact for the entire project, instead of a thousand daisy-chained emails devouring your productivity and your day.

Your audience is global. Mobile. Savvy. They will view your offer via all manner of devices, screens, and connections. And it must look perfect every time.

I test and retest and test again.

I make sure your sales page is responsive, that all text is readable, your images look gorgeous, and it looks just as good on your laptop as it does on mobile devices.

The devil is in the details — especially when it comes to closing a sale. You need to ensure commas create the correct pauses, participles aren’t left dangling, and the story you’ve worked so hard to create flows seamlessly from section to section.

My team and I bring my proverbial red pen to every project.

I ensure that every i is dotted, every t crossed, and every character and pixel on the page is a strong representation of your brand.

You’re already drowning in emails. The requests of others fill half your hours while the other half are spent following up, ensuring the important tasks were actually accomplished. You need space to continue doing the important work you set out to do.

I provide the buffer.

I take the lead, properly communicating changes to you at the big picture level. I take the task of sharing the details with the developer, the designer, your team. And perhaps most importantly, I follow up to make sure it all happened correctly.

“Melissa was able to take the essence of me…

and put it into a beautiful format to share the message I wanted to get out there. It’s better than any sales page I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because it’s mine. It’s really perfect.”

– Kimra Luna,
Freedom Hacker, Branding Mentor and Founder of Be True, Brand You

Meet Your Design Director, Melissa.

I'm a conversion designer who creates iconic sales pages.

Designing sales pages and building launch strategies in the digital marketing industry is a behind-the-scenes sort of gig — which I love.

I've worked on dozens of launches as a designer, strategist, and manager that have collectively generated multiple 7 figures in revenue.

My design clients 10X their sales goals and get featured in places like The Ellen Show, Access Hollywood, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Think of me as the producer to your director; you’ve got the vision, and I’ve got the step-by-step processes, project management skills, and conversion design expertise to make it happen.

In the end, you’re the one who gets to take a bow, but I’m thrilled to have helped you achieve that standing ovation.

Here Are Some of The Stars I've Had The Privilege of Serving

“The original copy for my sales page was good, but we needed to shift the messaging to better align with what we were selling. When people read the page now, they get it.

Melissa knows how to guide the sales page process ahead based on what people would feel, and her process is pretty slick and awesome.”

– Amber McCue,
Founder of Nice Ops

The steps to a blockbuster launch when I join your team.

First, you’ll fill out the inquiry cue card [BELOW] telling me all the juicy details about your upcoming blockbuster.

When there’s an opening for a new feature, then, we’ll schedule a pre-production meeting so we can go over all of the important feature attributes.

Next, I’ll write a short storyboard outlining all of the special effects and action items in a super clear plan to make sure the details are all agreed upon and understood by both parties before we sign the work contracts to make it official.

Then, we get creative to create the design rules specific to your sales page.

During the entire project process, I will be in close communication, with to-do’s and designs that wow you every time.

You get to focus your time on wowing your audience, and I manage the entire production crew who produces your unforgettable sales page.

You launch your blockbuster! The premiere helps you achieve goals higher than ever before. Pop the bubbly!

And you, the star, feel on top of the world.

Are you an ideal fit?

  • You're building multiple sales pages in the next year, and looking to partner with a designers who understands launching and conversion design.
  • You’ve had successful, profitable launches — and you’re ready to go even bigger.
  • You value amazing design and love having a creative team in your back pocket to help you produce your dream sales pages.
  • You’re launching and you’ve got too many things on your to-do list, and you've been secretly wishing to upgrade your sales page design.
  • You’re ready to bring your sales page vision to reality. (Not like a reality show. But a real-life movie premiere.)
  • You are truly passionate about making a difference in the lives of your audience and customers through what you’re teaching them.
  • You’re ready to put on your best red carpet attire and show off your latest blockbuster.
  • You've read this entire page - and you're ready to start NOW!

My blockbuster package includes:

  • A finished Photoshop document of your sales page design with your image assets and fonts to use for additional graphics or web images as you need them.
  • A fully-responsive sales page, developed and live.
  • Professional project management of the entire project, with clearly laid out plans and updates communicated to you.
  • A super-detailed project timeline and process.
  • Content direction and creative direction from an industry expert.

The Opener

8 Distinct Content Sections Premium Sales Page Design

  • A simple project timeline + professional project management.
  • A smooth project process.
  • A clear understanding of your role in the project before we get started.
  • Content direction and creative direction from someone with experience to guide you in the best direction for you.
  • Review, editing and perfection of your sales copy.
  • A design style that matches your iconic brand (that you’re secretly in love with.)
  • A finished Photoshop PSD file.
  • Image assets and fonts to use for additional graphics and web images as you need to.
  • A fully-responsive sales page, developed to work on mobile devices and desktop computers.

The Headliner

20+ Distinct Content Sections Premium Sales Page Design

  • A simple project timeline + professional project management.
  • A smooth project process.
  • A clear understanding of your role in the project before we get started.
  • Content direction and creative direction from someone with experience to guide you in the best direction for you.
  • Review, editing and perfection of your sales copy.
  • A design style that matches your iconic brand (that you’re secretly in love with.)
  • A finished Photoshop PSD file.
  • Image assets and fonts to use for additional graphics and web images as you need to.
  • A fully-responsive sales page, developed to work on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm ready to pay you NOW! How can I hire you?

    I'm so excited about the possibility of working with you. The best way to work with me is to fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

    Most of the entrepreneurs I partner with book multiple sales page projects with my team far in advance, and I only feature 7 entrepreneurs a year. For first consideration – don’t wait.

  • What happens after I fill out the inquiry form?

    The inquiry form magically notifies me that you're interested. I do a happy dance, and personally review your information, and start planning your project in my head. Then, I send you a personalized message with more details about my service with an invitation to schedule a call with me.

  • What happens on the call?

    The call is a place to ask questions, get to know me and my sales page design process, and I'll get to dive into the details of your promotion. It's kind of like a first date, without the dating aspect. It's a conversation about the best possible solution for your sales page design.

  • What happens after the call?

    I'll create a detailed proposal that includes the proposed dates for your sales page production, and estimates from your chosen developer, copywriter, and anyone else that we bring into the project. If you agree, then a contract with invoice for the first payment to hold your date.

  • I want to hire you, but don't know if I'm ready. Should I fill out the form?

    Yes. If you're not ready now, there may be a point in the future when you are, and you can book early to hold your date. There may also be an opportunity me to come on and consult with your team, or for you to join Conversion Design School™.

  • I’ve already got a sales page. Do I need a new one?

    Well, that’s entirely up to you. Is your sales page converting your leads into buyers? Is your offer clearly laid out? Does the design match the ambition your business currently has?

    I create sales pages that represent where your business will be 6 months and even up to a year down the road. And if you’re happy with your current sales page, then you probably don’t need a new one. If you’re not sure, fill out the inquiry cue card at the bottom of this page. I’ll do my best to help you make the best decision for you.

  • I’m not launching, but want you to create a sales page for my evergreen course, live event, high-end coaching service and/or membership course. Do you only work with people who are launching?

    This is a great question! My design services are not limited to people who are launching, but most of the experts I work with happen to be launching multiple times each year. I’ve created sales pages for live events, membership programs, masterminds and more.

  • I’ve got a great program that’s making sales, but I need help getting my launch off the ground. Can you help me?

    Providing ideas for your launch strategy is a hidden perk I can help you with while we work together. I’m not taking on any new launch management clients in the near future, but I can definitely help you brainstorm ways to add more revenue to your launch! If you want to go deeper, we can discuss adding on a VIP launch day to your proposal.

  • Can’t I just hire a graphic designer to create my sales page and manage them myself?

    You sure can. There are an abundance of talented designers out there! But before you do that, consider what your time is worth. What else could you be doing with the time it will take you to manage that person or team? Do you have the experience with sales pages to confidently make all the decisions on your own? Having me as your design expert frees you up to do more in other areas of your business.

  • Can’t I just use Optimize Press or LeadPages?

    Yes you can, and those are great options for entrepreneurs just starting out or if you’re in a hurry to get your sales page finished. What I do goes waaaaay beyond any templated solution you can buy.

  • How long does it take from start to finish to create a sales page?

    Whether you choose the DIY method or work with a designer, I recommend you plan 4–6 weeks for the entire process, including copywriting, design, development, testing and quality testing. And that means you’re going to want to book your preferred professionals well in advance to ensure they’re available.

  • I’m launching next week. Do you do rush jobs?

    Yes and no. While it’s possible to get sales pages like the ones I create done in a timeframe shorter than 4-6 weeks, I don’t recommend doing it. My design studio has an exacting plan that we follow, and for quality assurance, we no longer take on rush jobs unless there’s a surprise opening in our schedule. I book my projects out in advance, so there’s a slim chance it can be done in a shorter timeframe, but highly unlikely. I recommend using LeadPages if you need a sales page in a shorter timeframe.

  • What's the difference between the Opener and Headliner Sales Page?

    There's one distinct difference: The Opener sales page contains 8 sections, and The Headliner sales page contains 20+ sections. Both sales page offerings will get you results. We can discuss the options and I'll help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Do you do sales page makeovers?

    Yes! One of the things I love about sales page design is taking what you already have, and upgrading the design to make your page flawless, and transforming it into an invaluable marketing tool in your business.

    Without good words combined with streamlined design, your sales page might not be doing it's job. A revamp of a sales page involves a fresh set of eyes from the experts you hire to help you sell your products and services, so the pricing for a brand new sales page design and/or a makeover are one in the same.

Ready to take your next promo to the next level?

I can help.

Going to the next level in your business is *exactly* what happens when you decide to work with me.

  • One my international clients, got major press while I was creating his sales page. It turns out his bestselling book series is on the verge of a major TV deal.
  • Another one of my clients beat his high level sales goal within the first 12 hours of opening the cart... for a brand new program.
  • An upgraded sales page design played a part in helping one of my clients go from $100K in sales (from two combined launches) to $750K in sales from just ONE launch.
  • One of my clients sells her high-end $50K mastermind evergreen-style using the sales page I designed for her nine months ago.
  • Oh, and one of my clients was recently featured on The Ellen Show... twice.

Are you ready to be my next Project Celebrity?

My team and I are in the business of creating premium sales pages that produce record-breaking launches.

Melissa & Design Team

PS - I’m grateful that you are here. Who to add to your team and when is not a decision to take lightly. Do you still have questions? Email me at design (at) and I’ll help you make the best decision for you and your business!